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Hope Missions is committed to bringing Hope to the Hopeless through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hope Missions uses Ministry and Construction Projects as a platform to accomplish this important task.  Each trip is a complete pre-packaged mission experience at an affordable price.  National trips include: On-Site Programming from Hope Missions' Staff, Meals, Lodging, Mission Supplies, Worship, T-Shirt, and Water Bottle.

Hope Mission Trips are perfect for churches who lack staff or "know-how" to coordinate a mission trip.  The Hope Missions staff handles all of the details for each trip and personally leads every trip.  Whether you are looking for a local, national, or international mission opportunity - Hope Missions is available to assist you with all of the details.  Interested in hosting a mission project in your own community?  Contact the Hope Missions Office today to discuss possibilities.

There are many Missions Organizations that offer pre-packaged trips.  So, why use Hope Missions for your next Mission Trip?  There are several things that set Hope Missions apart from similar organizations:

AFFORDABLE - Hope Missions offers week-long, pre-packaged mission trips at a very affordable price.  This allows churches of all sizes to participate in a mission trip.

PROJECT DIVERSITY - Many mission organizations only offer construction options for participants.  Hope Missions offers Ministry and Construction Projects.  International trips may include Medical, Pastor Training, and More!

GOSPEL FOCUSED - The primary goal on all Hope Mission Trips is the proclamation of the Gospel.  Hope Missions asks participating churches to conduct a pre-project Evangelism Study.  At the trips, participants are encouraged to share the Gospel on their job sites.

EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP - All  projects are personally led by the Hope Missions staff.  That means you do not have to worry about anything.  Our experienced leadership is on the trip with you to take care of all of the logistics.  Director, Shawn Doss, and Hope Missions Team Leaders have had many years experience in leading mission teams on National and International trips.

RESOURCES - Hope Missions has great resources to help you and your church share the Gospel.  Check out www.knowthegospel.org.  Need shirts?  Hope Missions also has a full production screen printing shop - GoTees Screen Printing.  Learn more at www.gotees.org.

Hope Missions has strategic partnerships with local churches in every National and International location.  These churches work with Hope Missions to help with logistical needs (ie. meals, lodging, projects, etc.).  Every project is a platform to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Because of this, most of the Hope Missions projects are rooted in a local congregation.  That will ensure that future follow-up takes place.  This kind of strategy means that every project will continue to have an impact in the community once the Hope Missions Trip is over.

Hope Missions wants to accomplish specific goals in each of our Mission Trips.

EVANGELIZE - "Evangelize the Lost" is the primary goal for every Hope Missions location.  Participants are asked to complete a pre-project evangelism study to prepare for this important task.  On site, participants are provided with Gospel Tracts and opportunities to share the life-changing message of the Gospel!

ENGAGE - "Engage the Community" is a very important goal.  Missions is not about accomplishing a task (paint a house, teach a Bible Club, etc.).  It's about building relationships with people within a community and connect them with local churches.

ENCOURAGE - "Encourage the Church" is needed everywhere.  Many churches are struggling.  Hope Missions partners with local churches on every trip to help encourage and strengthen their local efforts and goals.  These churches will be serving the community long after our project is finished.

EQUIP - "Equip the Leadership" is an honorable task we take very seriously.  Our Church Leaders are on the front lines every day.  They need to be encouraged and equipped.  Hope Missions is able to help equip National leaders by providing Gospel Resources to help continue the work that has been started.  International leaders are being trained through Pastor's Conferences, Evangelism Conferences, and more.

EXCELLENCE - "Excellence" is our standard.  Colossians 3:23-24 tells us that we are to work hard as if we are working directly for the Lord.  With that in mind, Hope Missions strives to do everything with excellence.  Many hours and resources go into everything we do.