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Tracts are an effective resource in reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hope Missions currently has Gospel Tracts (4"x6" card stock) available in several languages - English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Dutch, Portuguese, and Romanian.  We have recently designed a tract for Children (pictured below).  Tracts are available for purchase at our Online Store - CLICK HERE.  You can even get Custom Tracts with your church's information.  CLICK HERE for more details about ordering personalized tracts.


Hope Missions has a new curriculum that is great for teaching the foundational elements of the Gospel.  It is a great tool to teach the Gospel (and tract) to your group.  CLICK HERE to be routed to the KnowTheGospel Curriculum page for more details.

For many years, Shawn Doss (Founder & Director of Hope Missions) has trained hundreds of people to share the Gospel through the Way of the Master (www.wayofthemaster.com).  The KnowTheGospel tracts work great with these teachings.  To learn more on how to effectively share your faith, we strongly recommend you check out their FREE Online Resources.  CLICK HERE for Audio Lessons.  CLICK HERE for Video Lessons.

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